Jarda Mayer Café

is a place of many legends. Those who finished their afternoon coffee at the dawn next day can testify that it ain’t easy to leave the place according to their initial plan. Railway clock above the entrance run faster and faster after certain point of time and they keep assuring you that your tomorrow’s duties can be done even with your REALLY last beer. Many things happened in the café in its 6-year existence. From exhibitions, sushi parties, concerts, flea markets, film projections and country evenings to drinking to whatever. It was always a priority for us to imprint a clear identity into the spot, but only as far as every further exhibition or event creates a unique feeling or atmosphere for the visitors.

the café was founded in 2011 by Ondrej Nemec jr., who, with his magnetic power, was able to allure friends from all different parts of the city into the streets of Smichov. Thus he created a hub for meeting people across generations and lifestyles. For a period of almost two years the place was run by a café manager and our friend Vaclav Krutsky. At the end of 2016 Daniela Litvakova took charge of the venue and started a new era of Jarda Mayer. Daniela has renovated the interior, yet with respect to the genius loci of the place. The art design was always happily pursued by Josef Lepsa. Many thanks to Tomas Vorel jr. who created a couple of google sheets and painted the floor. But who cares...

We’ll be happy for every visit you pay us and for your association at our cultural happenings


design: Josef Lepša, photo: Marek Volf, engine: fanky

"Café Jarda Mayer, undoubtedly the finest stopover at Smichov.
Its qualities are so wide they overlap to other districts."